Technology Showcase - Webinar 1

Reducing the cost of customer engagement using Ai & Bots

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Comments from the Chair

This edition of our Technology Showcase webinar (which can be viewed below) provided insight into how businesses are using Ai and Bots to reduce cost to serve, whilst driving improvements in CX and EX. 


We realise that this is a big subject so wanted to share some additional information with you. Further down the page you'll find, along with the webinar playback, industry stats, links to recent reports and details of poll results from the session. 


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John Greenwood
Head of Technology & Payments
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Putting things into context

'Facebook apps, including Instagram & WhatsApp are now used by 2.9 billion people, more than a third of the planet.'

Sunday Times - Facebook will still rule the world - 26 Sept 2021

'Messaging is moving online as SMS & MMS use continue to decline rapidly. An average of 68 SMS per month were sent from mobiles in 2019, ten fewer than in 2018.'

Gartner 2020 – Chatbot initiatives and enterprise strategy

'By 2025, 80% of large enterprises will need to have a conversational-technology-focused center of excellence or skills resource.'

Gartner 2020 – Chatbot initiatives and enterprise strategy

'Up to 74% of customers

prefer to use chatbots to help them find answers to simple questions.'

Watch it back!

If you missed the webinar or would like to watch it again. Simply click on the image.


Webinar poll results

Find below the poll results taken from the session.

Supporting material

Find below links to industry reports and statistics that were referenced in the webinar. To download simply click on the images.

Gartner - Emerging Tech Roadmap - Large Enterprises 2020-2022

Ofcom - Adults Media Use and Attitudes 2020 Report

Ofcom - Communications Market Report 2020

Ofcom - Online Nation 2020 Report

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Understanding how to reduce the cost to serve, whilst driving CX and EX isn't easy. Knowing what technology is right for your business is a challenge, particularly if you don't have visibly of the market or inhouse expertise to ensure you make the right choice.

At Contact Centre Panel, we have a best-of-breed network of over 50 technology suppliers 
including a wide range of conversational automation providers, and in-depth industry experience to assist with selection and onboarding. We will analyse your specific requirements and find the best solution for your business. Our standard service is 'free of charge' and we act with impartiality.

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