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Last year's Covid driven mass move to homeworking has been well publicised, with many contact centre workers and their employers having experienced both the benefits and pitfalls of working from home. This urgent and necessary rapid drive to homeworking has meant that many organisations were forced into cutting corners, especially in relation to payment security, data compliance and working standards. Although the crisis is still very much upon us, many businesses are now starting to evaluate the long-term benefits of homeworking and the impact it may have on their staff, service delivery and bottom line. 


In this webinar series, we are asking leading contact centre experts in the fields of payment security, data compliance, productivity, wellbeing and technology...the do businesses create a sustainable, secure and productive homebased contact centre service?

Coffee table conversations - Webinar 3

Homeworker wellbeing - keeping positive and productive

Date - TBC


Wellbeing has become a hot topic in recent times, as businesses have started to understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a happy and productive workforce. The move to homeworking has thrown up a new set of issues and has made the management of staff wellbeing particularly challenging. 


In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges faced by many contact centre businesses with leading mental health and worker productivity specialists. Who will provide guidance on how to achieve and maintain a positive and productive teams.

Topics for discussion

  • Creating and maintaining productive teams
    • Tips on how to motivate remote workers
    • Spotting the warning signs of a distressed worker
    • How to avoid isolation and create collaborative working
  • Creating a successful working culture
    • Steps required for success
    • Tips for onboarding new starters
  • Remote management
    • The do's and don'ts to managing a teams from afar

Coming soon...

Our Contact Centre Homeworking webinar series includes one further session. It will focus on the following area effecting businesses:


Coffee table conversations - webinar 2

Homeworking health & safety

considerations and legal risks 


13.00-13.45, 12 March 2021


Traditionally, when we have considered health and safety in the workplace and working conditions it has been in relation to the office environment. The mass move to homeworking has turned this on its head, with employers opening their businesses to new legislative risk and health & safety regulations.


In this webinar, leading legal and health & safety experts will give an overview of what is required and have an open discussion into the pitfalls and how to them avoid them to reduce risk. 


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